Ann McLea

Obituary of Ann Grandison McLea

Meet my Mom, Ann McLea!

Whether it’s zip lining through the cruise ship, surfing into her 70’s, motorcycle ridding on my wedding day, picking the hippest cutout boots for her 75th birthday, leather pants and big hats,


She is always ready to experience new things and live life with full heart and soul.


 When I was in college, I remember this one Day I visited my parents. My family was renovating a town house in Boston. We always had a house in renovation.

As a family, we would get together and do ALL the construction work! As a child I thought my parents had kids for free labor.


On this sunny Sunday in May, it was Mother’s Day. My brother had just knocked down a brick garage in the back of the house.  My mom had the crowbar in her hand and we were both pulling up the wooden floor boards of the old Bostonian townhouse. This was a normal day in our family. Because it happened to be Mother’s Day, it got me thinking of the “normal way” a mother and daughter would spend this day. Maybe having brunch at a tea house, or getting manicures... This would have been odd in my family.  We loved accomplishing things and creating.

I am a proud daughter to have such an incredible Mom.

I am the women today because of you.


Ann said YES to life! YES to live! YES to creation! Her family is comforted by the fact she will continue her journey into the next world having left this one with so much love in everyone’s heart that she touched.


Ann was predeceased by her husband, Warren. She is survived by her sister, Stephanie Gagnon, and her children Glenn McLea, Diane McLea, Susan Mclea, Carolyn Mclea (Hollingsworth), and Alison Mclea (Wolper). She is also survived by her nine grandchildren and a host a dear friends and neighbors.


She left this life at the start of her latest adventure, and she will always be remembered for her infinite spirit, love, and belief in others. We love you Mom.

- Allison McLea (youngest of 5)


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