Curt DeWeese

Obituary of Curt DeWeese

Curt “Tim” DeWeese at age 57, passed away peacefully of complications from cancer on February 14, 2017. He was preceded in death by his parents Arlene and Gordon DeWeese.

Curt was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, on February 11, 1960 and would eventually become known as the “Middle Child” as he was number four of seven children. As a young boy Curt was an Alter Boy at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Lincoln Park Michigan, sang in the church choir and was baptized there. Curt loved to dance and was captured by the “Disco” craze of the 1970’s.

Curt loved to travel and loved adventure. After graduating from Taylor Truman High School, in Taylor Michigan, Curt moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he tended bar and loved life. Curt then moved to Houston Texas, and then Washington State where he began a career for a cruise ship line. He eventually made his way to Long Beach, California where he studied interior design and basked in the surf and sun.

In 2006 Curt was diagnosed with Lymphoma and fought a victorious fight – experiencing a lengthy remission and enjoying the people around him. Curt moved to Lebanon, Tennessee ten years ago where he met many of those wonderful people and his one true love – his dog OWEN.

Curt was survived by his siblings – Laurin Sue Drummond, Gordon DeWeese, Mark DeWeese, Brenda DeWeese, Bernice Gray, and Dennis DeWeese, Step-Father Vaughn McIntyre, 4 Step-Brothers and Sisters, 15 nieces and nephews – and his dog Owen!

Curt’s wishes were cremation and a final resting place near the Pacific Ocean in California.