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Jerry  Singer
In Memory of

Jerry Singer

1935 - 2017

Obituary of Jerry Singer



Jerry Singer


December 7, 1935-July 27, 2017


Mt. Juliet TN


Jerry Singer, always dapper, enjoyed life, loved “His Girls”, was known to visit a casino or two,  & was an adoptive father and grand father to many, passed too soon yet peacefully into legend on Thursday, July 27, 2017.


Being born in Philadelphia, Jerry is the consummate Yankee.  With his natural ability to hold a group captive, he has been Holding Court for most of his adult life.  As crowds were not his comfort zone, he could capture a small group and he would spin a yarn that would envelop you for the entire evening.  Some of his favorites were how many cars he owned & demolished (specifically by rolling them on the New Jersey Turnpike) all before the age of 25.  A chestnut of particular popularity would be in reference to the many trips to the Pocono Mountains (do not be confused with tales of skiing or hiking, these short stories involved chalets, fire alarms and fire extinguisher foam).  Additionally, he would have great anecdotes referencing his girls...funny tales that he was proud to tell, that would only prove to  show how much he loved “His Girls”.


“His Girls” were plentiful during his life.  His love of strong independant women started with his mother Clara Eisenburg (deceased), whom gave him his entrepreneurial spirit.  We cannot forget that his father, Jake Singer (deceased) also taught him his business acumen.  But “His Girls” started with Doris Snyder, his vibrant wife of 58 years .  They met at the Montgomeryville Mart, when she was only a shy small town girl and he the worldly city boy.  They proceeded to create their own personal beauty salon by having two daughters, Sandra Singer Spicer of Mt Juliet, TN and Helene Singer Cash (Robert) of Lebanon, TN.  Can you imagine having 3 women in your house?  These three women are “His Girls”.  As time grew, the gaggle grew with grandchildren Jessica Spicer Davis, Kaitlin Spicer and finally, a boy to break up the land of phone calls and frustration, grandson Brian Spicer.  Jerry was just as excited when his first great grandchild Kai Mason May was born (not only because of being a great grandfather, but there was another male in the salon).  


The balance of his girls generally came from all of the stray friends his daughters would bring home.  If they were at the house more than a day, they claimed Jerry as their own daddy--little did they know he knew how to manage a large female tribe.  Now with an extended friendship family, Jerry has daughters and granddaughters that may not be his own by birth, but he would still have his home filled each girls on birthdays, holidays and in general any time!


The joy in his life came from several places, the sense of pride he had in “His Girls”, beating the dealer at Blackjack or traveling to new places.  Friendships have always meant the world to Jerry.  Cruising to fun places with Arthur Spector (deceased), traveling from casino to casino in Las Vegas with Paul Panczko  (deceased) or hosting neighborhood get togethers with Joe DiBianca (deceased).  In recent years, he has made several new friends that would be his source of strength and comfort knowing “His Girls” would be well supported.  There is a heartfelt thank you to Alan Pearlman, Dennis Jones and Robert Cash.


Philadelphia remained in his heart no matter where he lived.  The love of Cheese Steaks (was it Pat’s or Gino’s…Pat’s is the WINNER), Eagles (didn’t have to have a winning season for him to wear his beloved Eagles cap) and let’s not forget the TASTYKAKEs, roadside pretzels and Jersey corn and tomatoes.  His love of gourmet food was vast!


The Rat Pack was his thing.  Old black & white films, the Three Stooges, and ROCKY were a must at all times.  You were taught the finer things in life.  To appreciate Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr.  If the Three Stooges were on tv, everything stopped.  Musicals were not his favorite, but if Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly or Frank were on, we must stop, watch and appreciate.  This is how “His Girls” learned about the finer things in life.


Jerry would be one of the most dapper men in the room, whatever room it was.  Color coordinated soft hues to deep warm jewel tones, he could pull it off.  Don’t forget, the hair, truly the HAIR that every woman loved (and envied!).  He was as put together as any one man could be...but he did not like to shop.  As a result, “His Girls” took great care of him.  Purchasing what he would love, experimenting with new colognes (yes, he liked to smell yummy) and the pinky ring.  You cannot forget the signature gold bracelet, gold chain and pinky ring.  His understated class was only surpassed by his sense of style.


Jerry would be mortified if we did not celebrate him, his life and show “His Girls” how to remember the man, respect his legacy and channel the sadness into loving memories. He would want everyone to be as happy as he was, to enjoy life as he did, and to celebrate the legacy that each have had with him.  In order to accomplish this task, Visitation will be at Sellars Funeral Home, 2229 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt Juliet on Monday July 31, 2017 from 2-4pm.  With a Celebration of LIfe following at Del Webb Clubhouse, 1100 Del Webb Blvd, Mt Juliet from 5-7p.

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